Uribe Schwarzkopf

Identity, Web, Print, Art Direction, Copywriting

Uribe Schwarzkopf is the premier Ecuadorian architectural development firm responsible for more than 200 buildings in the city of Quito. With the aim of creating opportunities for people to make the city their home, the firm’s innovative approach has enabled communities and neighborhoods to thrive through socio-cultural projects, international architect collaborations and world-class services and amenities. After concluding immersive visits to Quito and its surroundings, Hoffman’s mission was to evolve their legacy brand identity by keeping the original mark’s DNA but streamlining its graphic representation. Honoring the brand’s five-decade history while maintaining acute cultural sensitivity, Hoffman modernized Uribe Schwarzkopf’s entire communication platform featuring a redesigned icon and wordmark, color palette, stationery system, brand guidelines and an immersive website experience showcasing their robust property portfolio.

Photography by Mark Mahaney for Wallpaper

The city of Quito, its inhabitants and its architecture was featured in the Summer 2020 issue of Wallpaper magazine. Over the course of 20 editorial pages, Mark Mahaney’s photographs, Michael Reynold’s creative eye, and Hugo Macdonald’s prose, document a city on the move—from the city’s ambitious subway infrastructure project to its historic architectural achievements to its profiled artisans, architects, and shaman. Its a unique, celebratory lens on a city rarely documented—one that teems with history, innovation and the most remarkable light due to its location on the equator. A collaboration like no other, this feature would not have been possible without the expertise of Camron PR and the generosity of Uribe Schwarzkopf.