Juliana Leandra
Project Manager
Her favorite band is Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Her favorite time of day is night time. That’s when Juliana feels like doing everything she needs to do. In the mornings, Juliana starts her day with a healthy serving of all the art-related newsletters she subscribes to, this way she knows what galleries or museums she’ll be spending her free time in. Her truly ideal morning would be living an island life and waking up in a house overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Jeff Albert
The call of adventure is at his core. Jeff loves going upstate to find the windiest roads to ride his motorcycle, and the steepest paths to hike. He spent 6 months backpacking in Southeast Asia, and has been known to walk on his hands. He does appreciate the finer things in life; Jeff owns a collection of flakey finishing salts that go on everything. He never misses an opportunity for a well-placed dad joke.
Chris Paolini
Seven cups of coffee a day and an entire bookshelf of Haruki Murakami. When given the choice between dark chocolate or milk chocolate, Chris prefers chocolate milk. If he were a chef, he’d exclusively be a saucier. After work, Chris rock climbs and runs. His favorite running shorts have the galaxy printed on them. They’re out of this world.
Michael Chilton
Expressive. Driven. Personable. Michael’s favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN (all caps). His favorite band is either Talking Heads or A Tribe Called Quest. Nuggets of wisdom like “taking risks has far greater rewards than being safe, even if you fail” occur to him daily. Michael lives by the philosophy: life is short—don’t waste any of your time doing something that does not make you happy, every day.
I’m just here for the Greenies.


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