Exquisite Surfaces

Identity, Web, Print, Art Direction, Film, Packaging, Copywriting, Naming

Exquisite Surfaces is a passionate and much-loved family firm that imports and sells natural materials from around the world in the United States. We helped develop a brand vision for the next generation across a broad scope of projects and initiatives. The heart and soul of the brand still comes from the family but, after two decades of growth, today it is an impressive business with many layers of programming and operation to its name. Our mission has been to reflect this in all aspects of the brand’s identity and expression, from creating a new logo mark to designing a new website, to rethinking all collateral material, campaigns and communication tools. It is a great example of how business objectives can be clarified through branding.

Showroom photography by Brooke Holm
Advertising photography by Thomas Loof
Documentary photography by Mark Hartman

To mark the brand’s 20th anniversary, we helped initiate a project commissioning twenty renowned American designers, who each designed a ceramic tile for production and sale. We oversaw all aspects of the project’s identity and expression. This culminated in organizing a trip to Morocco with Wallpaper* magazine, who ran an in depth profile on the brand and project.