Harrison Green

Identity, Web, Print, Art Direction, Film, Strategy, Copywriting

Jackie and Damien Harrison, the landscape designers behind Harrison Green, spent the last ten years carefully building their namesake business and were eager to establish a new brand identity for growth into the next decade and beyond. Keeping the graphic nature of their existing B&W brand palette, Hoffman drew inspiration from the elements of their practice and developed a proprietary icon composed of four silhouettes: sun, bird, plant and mushroom. The icon led to a wordmark proudly proclaiming their sacred ground—NEW YORK. A suite of stationery and internal communications soon followed, helping to aesthetically align their three departments: design, installation and maintenance. The brand journey culminated with an immersive website experience showcasing their portfolio and custom-built studio through short films and expressive photography.

Studio & Garden Photography: Nicholas Calcott
Videography: NorthSeaAir

During our first site visit to a terrace in SoHo, Harrison Green revealed the stirring of senses that occurs when spending time in their gardens. Sight, touch, smell, and sound are dramatically married in Harrison Green’s projects and are a hallmark of every outdoor space they design. The challenge was communicating this sensory experience that images and words alone couldn’t capture. We enlisted filmmakers NorthSeaAir to capture the arc of a day, seeing light dance and evolve from dawn until dusk. Our goal was to document not only the garden architecture but the plant varieties, visiting wildlife (insects and birds), street traffic, installation hoists and the dedicated gardeners entrusted with maintaining these very special gardens. There are now over a dozen films on the Harrison Green website, making this our most film-intensive project to date.