Suzanne Tick

For over 25 years, spacial designer Suzanne Tick has forged a name as a creative pioneer in the commercial textile, carpet and glass industries. A born weaver, entrepreneur and accomplished artist, Suzanne’s use of unconventional materials — like mylar balloons — has seen her work exhibited at MoMA, the Cooper Hewitt and MAD. While developing her brand identity, we traveled from her home in the East Village to Marfa, Texas, where all her material archives are stored. A profound journey that resulted in a reconstituted logo and color palette, a deep appreciation for Donald Judd, and an enriched friendship.

Studio photography by Martin Crook.
Textile photography by Brooke Holm.

Suzanne’s life, art, and industry work coalesce in a single space: her East Village townhouse. When crafting a signature logo for her brand identity, we looked to her home for inspiration. The icon represents the building as a weaving; each material of weft references both a floor of the house and the seamless blending of work/life which spins together in a unified geometry.

Suzanne Tick’s practice of Vedic Meditation is the latest addition to her living and working space, a townhouse that holds a rich piece of New York history. Initiated into the Saraswati tradition in India, Suzanne’s passion for Meditation led her to begin teaching others. Building off of her personal logomark, the icon’s color-coded top floor represents the Fifth Floor Meditation center, as well as a higher state of conciousness.

Through a new website, students are welcomed to join Suzanne’s practice though a variety of classes and retreats hosted at both her East Village and Fire Island homes.