Olivia Williams Studio

Identity, Web, Print, Art Direction, Film, Strategy, Copywriting, Naming

Having outgrown its previous brand identity, LA-based Olivia Williams Studio was prepared to begin anew. Hoffman kicked off with a recommended name change — Olivia Williams Studio — to encompass its varied interior design offerings, and constructed a proprietary identity to reflect its culture and sensibility. Visually translating Olivia’s principle focus on artisans and materiality, Hoffman designed a custom typeface, used in the logo and across the website for headlines, that references the hand of a skilled creator. In addition to the development of the brand color palette, secondary typography, stationery suite and brand voice, Hoffman devised an art direction strategy for photographing projects. This gave way to the design of a new, portfolio-driven website and Instagram refresh with Hoffman-led strategy and narrative development.

Letterhead suite photographed by Sam Frost

Hoffman developed a social media strategy that would enable our client to post with frequency and ease. This strategy included guidelines that maintain consistency with the studio’s new identity, specifically in its color palette and tone of voice, while allowing Olivia and her team to retain creative autonomy over content.

The launch of the new Instagram strategy was timed with the launch of the new website in order to announce the Olivia Williams Studio identity across all digital platforms simultaneously. This was aligned with a feature on Architectural Digest, which increased traffic to these platforms and grew the studio’s Instagram following by over 800%.