Shaw Contract

Identity, Print, Art Direction, Film, Packaging, Strategy, Copywriting

Shaw Contract is one of the world’s leading flooring manufacturers, based in Cartersville GA. Our initial partnership began by creating a concept inspired by the notion of home for a new product launch called Haven (the product later won gold at NeoCon). As often happens, the creative collaboration around a simple project turned into a more extensive branding development exercise. Together, Hoffman designed a dynamic, new identity for the brand, produced an on-boarding toolkit, comprehensive brand guidelines, proprietary color palette and typographic standards. With the launch of their sustainability-driven mission, Smarter Impact, we brought their pioneering community and ecological commitments to a global audience via an engaging animation platform. Working holistically, all brand assets were crafted in relationship to each other and consciously developed for Shaw Contract’s in-house design team to seamlessly use in all future applications and communications.

Smarter Impact animation by Yukai Du
Community photography by Thomas Loof
Haven photography by Francois Dischinger

Moving away from the traditional studio photoshoot model, Hoffman introduced Shaw Contract to an art direction format that was location-based, realistic and richly layered. Instead of providing their A&D audience with standard product shots, their new direction offered branded images imbued with ideas and context. The Community Collection is a perfect case study in the brand’s photographic evolution. We installed Shaw Contract flooring within Philip Johnson’s first non-residential building completed in 1952 for The Schlumberger Oil Company in Ridgefield, CT. The building was meticulously restored by luxury furniture craftsmen, BassamFellows, who currently use it as their central office. Seeing the product in relationship to the finely precise steel-glass-and-brick architecture and functioning within a working environment, not only created a compelling narrative but captured real-life applications that inspire and stay remembered.