Target’s “Design For All” initiative was a multi-year strategic endeavor that brought thoughtful, affordable design to the masses. One of the highlights was curating the illustrators featured in Target’s takeover of the New Yorker magazine and creating a branded, custom slip case. This was the first time in the magazine’s history that a single advertiser had purchased all available ad space in a single issue. Over 20 artists participated including Robert Risko, Ruben Toldeo, Me Company, and Milton Glaser.
Target Pharmacy Launches Clear Rx
The introduction of Target’s Clear Rx medication bottles turned the pharmacy industry on its head. Not only was the bottle and multi-colored rings playfully appealing, Deborah Adler’s innovative bottle ended the confusion for potentially mixing medications due to the indistinguishable design of traditional amber vials. To launch this initiative, we created promotional gift cards as well as a Dr. Detailing Kit to introduce doctors across the country to the benefits of the new bottle.