John Pomp

Identity, Web, Print, Art Direction, Film, Strategy, Copywriting

John is an extraordinarily talented artisan who works in glass, metals, wood and leather, turning lighting and furniture into something closer to fine art. He has congregated a like-minded community around him in Philadelphia, both inspiring and providing opportunities for culture to flourish. Our mission was to bring his world to life with a narrative, a visual identity and a website that expressed his charismatic values coherently. The website became a tool for organising how we told his story; shaping the tonality of photography and film, balancing poetry and pragmatism to both educate and enlighten in equal measure.

Lifestyle and product photography by Martin Crook

John’s logo is an interesting example of how holistic the process of logo design can be. It needed to work on all the materials John uses so it had to be a striking graphic. We looked at the symbols for fire and water, two elements at the heart of all John’s work. With barely any distillation, these symbols combine to make up a J and P in repeat pattern. John even made his own stamps.