We are motivated by our fascination with people: how we relate to one another and how we engage with the world around us. We are driven by understanding how culture evolves and develops. We are interested in the complex, delicate interplay between human behaviour, brand and business. We believe that design can be a powerful agent for positive change.

Our work is ultimately about confidence building. We help our clients understand the value of what they have, and how to communicate it powerfully. What we deliver at Hoffman Creative is medicine, not gloss. We go deep to effect real change. The results are always empowering. Clients come to us in modesty and we help them and their brands to flourish.

What we do is scalable – Our bandwidth is extensive and customizable to each project. Our approach is consistent, whether we’re working with international corporations, boutique businesses or start-ups.

What we do is anthropological – We invest considerable time in getting to know our clients, discovering who they are, what their world is about and why they are unique. When we understand and share the vision of our clients, then we make design decisions effectively, intuitively.

What we do is personal – We understand the implications of a branding exercise on people and business. We are not passive service-providers; we require effort and participation from our clients. We build on-going relationships that we take seriously. They matter to us. Good work comes from good relationships.

Studio photography by Martin Crook
Text by Hugo MacDonald


  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Naming